East Neuk Centre

The East Neuk Centre building has had a number of different uses over the years but was established in 1970 as a youth club. Within a few years due to its success, there was a need to expand both the facilities and the programme. The popularity of the Centre has continued and there many clubs running weekly sessions from this facility ever since.

In addition to youth clubs and all the groups which use the Sports Hall and coffee bar area, the East Neuk Centre is home to the East Neuk Centre Trust office which deals with the management of all the facilities across the complex. The East Neuk Centre also houses some youth work dedicated space as well as offices for local businesses as well as providing office space to The East Neuk First Responders, The East Neuk Frail and Elderly Project and the Kilrenny and Anstruther Burgh Collection. Our facilities are available for public or corporate hire. 

Sports Hall - Up to 10 pm Mon-Fri £6.50 per hour, after 10 pm and all day Saturday & Sunday £17.50 per hour.

Coffee bar (as above)

Both Sports Hall and Coffee bar £11 per hour Mon-Fri until 10 pm, £17.50 after 10 pm and all day Saturday and Sunday.


Youth Work Programme for Ages 12+

Friday 7.30pm - 8.45pm. Entry £1.00

Youth Club - Various activities

Various Days:
School Partnership Work with Waid Academy.
16+ Learning Choices and Community Projects for Personal and Social Development.

Youth Work Programme for Ages 8+

Friday 6pm - 7.15pm. Entry £1.00.
Friday Fun Nights
Arts, games, sports, music, food and drink. Get that Friday feeling!

Caroline Berry Community Education Worker 07713088506 email

All prices are subject to a price increase annually from April 1st.



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